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An Explosion of Toads - A Celebration of Eccentricity
by Dene Hellman and Annie O'Dell

An Explosion of Toads: A Celebration of Eccentricity reads like seventy-one poetic mini-novels on the out-of-the-ordinary people one can’t stop watching on the street.

An anguished wife dismembers her husband’s body; a bored couple worships their cat, Feng Shui “Century” farmers, ADD children, tarot readers, a pocket-change grocery shopper, hot steamy couples, packing house workers, victims of the storm, church ghosts, and passionate Nigerian Southern Baptists all tell their poetic stories. Ending sweetly, two loving, traveling friends of different races endure each other’s hair spray and snoring.

A quick, fascinating read in the time it takes to have a relaxed coffee break.


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Swirls on a Green Plate
by Annie O'Dell and Dene Hellman

POETRY FOR STRONG WOMEN: When in crisis be strong. Dance, dance, dance! Amongst poetry themes are facial scars, wrinkles, highway driving and work, mini pads, malls, widowhood, big butts, cats and meeting the Lord in bunny slippers. Even death brings humor as a scarlet plumed horse is planned at mother�s request, to bear her body in her favorite red boots. Embrace the sacred feminine through mother/daughter humor.

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Gardens of the Sisterhood
by Annie O'Dell

Create a beautiful, mystical garden space around a sculpture, chimes, or entryway. Ask your favorite vision tool, "What energy wishes to be expressed here?" Choose flower colors that soothe you, enlighten you, or create rapture within your soul. What life passage moment stands out to you in your life story? Enter the gates to angelic dimensions in a mystical garden of your own creation. Meditation can be a walk on fragrant pathways of herbs, or in a private outdoor sanctuary to sit and think. Use this book as your guide. Welcome to the Gardens of the Sisterhood.



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